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ASHA DEEP COMMUNITY COLLEGE IS AN UNDERTAKING OF PATNA JESUIT SOCIETY. Regd: 1930.     Registration / Admission is opened. trades available, Nursing aid (GDA), CRM / Hospitality, Electrical and Dr


Name of Trainee
: Madhuri Minj
: 28 years
: FeMale
: 12th pass
: Mahua toil mamarla
: Gumla
State name
: Jharkhand
: G. D. A.
Employed at
: Nobel Hospital
: Assistant Nurse
: Rs 6000
Other Facilities
: Accommodation and Food '
Center name
:DB Tech , Asha Deep Community college . Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

Before Joining Training

Twenty Eight years old MissMadhuriMinj Belongs to Vill –Mahua toil Mamarla,Gumla Jharkhand . She has Four sisters andThree brothers . her Father`s name is Mr. Christopher Minj And Her Mother ` is a house Wife and father is a farmer . His father always gave Good Education to his Children but he did not have enough money to send them ahead . They always dreamt of having a better education. However, it was notpossible for them as they severely faced poverty at home. One day her friend suggested to join Asha Deep community college which has three month technical training ofDifferent Domains like GDA, Hospitality,Electrical. After training they provide job . She thought this was a good plate form for her. Hence , She decided to join the DB Tech , Asha Deep to bring brightness in her broken life.

During Training

She was a well –mannered , quite , and intelligent trainee . she got used to the life and improved herself in a way that she became an ideal for others to see what life is all about . Initially she was very poor at English . She was unable to speak properly .However , during the training at Asha Deep , she developed a taste for the language and she could now easily express her feelings and views


Having been part of Asha Deep training Center she feels her life is completely changed . She claims that before coming to Asha Deep ,She hoped she would become a good hotelier one day . After training she joined as Assistant Nurse in Nobel Hospital , Muzaffarpur’’ Her present salary is Rs. 6000/month with accommodation andfood . She considers this opportunity as an opening towards achieving thegreat dream she has inher life. Her Suggestion Once she said “Asha Dep provides a platform For All Young Youth those are really needed for it.

Name of Trainee
: Sonam Kumari
Reg. No
: HSBC/Bi/Muz//B1/295666
: 18 years
: Female
: 12thPass
: 01
Training period
: 3 month
Contact No
: 9523611535
: VVill-Badheya Ps +Po- Serwa Mesjidu , Dist-West Champaran

Before BASE Training

sonam Kumari ,18 years old D/O-Thagai Mahato,village located in the Badheya district of West Champaran. His father works as a Farmer. He has Three sisters. when he wasin 12thstandard, he stopped his studies due to financial problems. He was sitting idle at home. But he got to know about Don Bosco Academy for Skill and Employment (BASE), the skill based training program offered by Don Bosco Tech at Asha Deep in partnership with HSBC for needy and marginalized youth. He decided to enrol in the training without any further delay.

During BASE Training

Sonam Kumari was very active and curious about this training program. He always obeyed the instructions given by his trainers in class room.She was veryhard working. He was punctual. During his training he liked the environment of Don Bosco Tech Asha Deepcentre, Muzaffarpur. He was a hard worker and quick learner. He was friendly and helpful to others as well. He always felt at home here.

After BASE Training

His present salary is Rs.8000/- per month with accommodation and food with Sarda Hospital PVT Ltd. She is working very honestly. He has a positive attitude. He hopes for his promotion by which he will be able to support others as well as his parents. He is enjoying his duty and he hopes that one day he will become a good G.D.A and he would help the poor and the needy that are in search of jobs.

His Message about Training Program

Don Bosco Tech provided me an opportunity of a lifetime. My parents are really happy great achievement. Don Bosco Tec helped me and many trainees like me who are unemployed and living in extreme poverty. I thank Don Bosco Tech from the core of my heart. He acknowledges the constant support from Fr. Dominic. (Centre Head of DB Tech, Muzaffarpur), Suresh Sir(Trainer G.D.A) and all other trainers. He was grateful to all those who helped him to complete his training at Asha Deep. He believes that he learned a lot from Asha Deep. He also admits that Asha Deep has given him the confidence to stand on his feet. This training also changed his life style.

His Suggestion about Training Program

Try to reach out more and more to people to make them skilful and provide them with a job after training for his livelihood and try to cover a wide range of geographical area for the benefit of the needy one. For this, major changes are required in India and he hopes that he will be the one to raise the voice whenever and wherever required.

Before BASE Training

Twenty six years old Ms. Yashoda Kumari is from village Sundar Kumhari Barachatti Gaya (Bihar). There are six members in her family. Her Father’s name is Mr. Baleshwar Paswan. He belongs to SC category. Her entire family is depended on her father’s income. Her father is a farmer. There is only one source of income that is Agriculture. Her mother is a house maker. She is suffering from hypertension. Yashoda, completed her Intermediate in 2013. She had already a married girl. Her father had desire to give a good education to his children but he didn’t have enough money to invest for their education. Yashoda used to dream good about her life. She thought of having better education. It was not possible for them because they were facing lot of problem with regard to finance at home. At Present, her younger brother and sisters are studying. Yashoda always wanted to get a good job and get settled in her life. Her sister Pinky, went through training at Don Bosco Tech Muzaffarpur in GDA Domain and placed in a hospital at Noida as a nurse. She suggested yashoda to join the same training center, where she can opt any one of the domain among the different subjects like GDA, Hospitality, Electrical and Automobile. She came to know that this is a three months training and after training she will get job. She thought that this is a good opportunity for her to fulfill her dreams. She decided to join this three months training in Asha Deep.

During BASE Training

She was a well-mannered, quiet, and intelligent trainee. She was always ready to take any challenges in her life. She was ready to put her whole energy to learn the things which is taught during the class. In the beginning she felt alone because she was not comfortable with other students. After two weeks we could see improvement in her life. She started accepting others. As she felt at ease with others she started enjoying in Asha Deep. She always wanted to become an ideal for others. Initially Yashoda was very poor at English and Computer. She was unable to speak anything properly. Slowly she picked up. As she started learning English and computer the things became easy for her. She improved a lot. After learning the language she was able to express her feelings and views in a very decent manner. She also helped others to learn English and computer.

After BASE Training

Being a part of Don Bosco Tech, she felt that she had improvement in herself. She admitted that the center shapes the life of every trainee. After finishing training she realized that she learned about medical and its importance. She was hops that she will become a good nurse one day. After training with great joy she joined as Nursing Assistant in Sharda Hospital Greater Noida Gautam Budh Nagar UP. At present she is earning a salary of Rs. 8729 per month along with the accommodation. She considers that this opportunity is a gateway towards achieving her dreams for life.

Message to DB Tech

She expressed her views, “Fortunately one of my friend told me about Don Bosco Tech training program and I came to know about it. I enjoyed my stay at Asha deep and learned a lot of good things. Suresh Sir, our trainer who trained me very well and now I am able to stand on my own feet. I thank my trainer and the entire Asha Deep team for providing me an atmosphere of making my life worth living.”

Her Suggestion

Once she shared that Asha Deep provides a platform for all the needy and broken candidates who are looking for a job and want to become self-dependent and support their family. She suggested that everybody should contribute towards the development of the country. Youth have the power to work hard and they can change the world. We should always think positive and do right things to make our society and our country a better place to live.

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