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ASHA DEEP COMMUNITY COLLEGE IS AN UNDERTAKING OF PATNA JESUIT SOCIETY. Regd: 1930.     Registration / Admission is opened. trades available, Nursing aid (GDA), CRM / Hospitality, Electrical and Dr

A Brief History of the Organization

A Brief History of the Organization

Asha Deep is a Non Governmental, Non Profit making organization of Patna Jesuit Society which is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and having its office at St. Xavier’s, W. Gandhi Maidan Marg, Patna. Asha Deep was started with a view to help the rural unorganized youth in skill development for employment.

In the beginning Fr. Andrew James, SJ started Non Formal centers to give awareness and to uplift the people of Mushuhar community at the level of education, because many of the children of this community were not going to the schools, even if they went they were discriminated by the children of the upper caste and by the teachers. He also started semi residential program for the same children so that they get an atmosphere of study at Jesuit residence. This went on till 2009. Fr. Andrew also had heart problem and had to undergo bypass surgery. Other Jesuits like Fr. Antony Samy, Fr. Joe Velamkunnel, Fr.Pradeep Kumar and Br. Joe Ullatil were appointed as assistants for short while at different times.

By the end of 2009 Fr. Andrew went out from here to Patna and Br. Ullatil was managing the place for few months. Since the Non formal centers were not running well they were all closed down at various time. Meanwhile the province had a vision of doing concretely something for the unorganized and poor youth of Bihar and was looking for a beginning.

At this crucial juncture Fr. Jesuraj, S.J. finished his tertianship and he was appointed as Director to look into the possibility of beginning some program for the poor, unorganized and unemployed youth. He took charge on the 5th March 2010. He went around looking in to the possibility of restarting the Non formal Centers in Maha Dalit villages and also the possibilities of the youth program. He started 10 Non Formal centers in Musahar villages. He also conducted a survey of over 1,700 youth by filling a format to find out the needs of the youth so that we could take into consideration the training that are needed and market driven courses we could think of starting.

On 31st July 2010, Bishop J.B. Thakur, SJ along with many priests, and sisters over 90 of them were present for the naming of the place (as Asha Deep) and celebration of the feast of our founder St. Ignatius. The dream of the province came true when we began the DB Tech program which was from the Government of India, through the order of Salesians, which was meant for the BPL youth. The ministry of Asha Deep got a new life with the coming of the D.B.Tech program which was started on 12th of Dec 2010. The community also grew from two to four. The whole hearted support, cooperation, help and support of the Patna Jesuits, diocesans and sisters working in the social action, parishes and schools was tremendous help in starting the program in full swing. The province helped us to put up one more floor on the existing building and it was completed in the beginning of 2011 and also we increased the facility of the campus so that we could conduct the training effectively.

The program gradually picked up the momentum as time went by. By April, 2017 Asha Deep trained 2900 unorganized youth in different skills and provided them with job opportunities. For many of them it is a matter of turning point in their life. Most of them are placed in good and reputed companies with salary ranging from Rs. 3,500 to 35,000. After two years of MoRD project Asha Deep had to struggle through for a year without any support from any funding agency. From Jan 2013 Asha Deep had to run the program with self supporting system. Again after a break of one year Asha Deep has partnered with DB Tech again for partial financial support, certification and technical assistance.

The dedicated work of the Jesuit community at Muzaffarpur helps the trainees to grow in their integral development of the trainees. The motivational classes and disciplined way of life change the behavior of the students and they learn to respect themselves and others. Equality of all irrespective of caste, religion, creed, gender and economic status is the hallmark of Asha Deep training. English teaching, computer education, reading practice etc. are the painstaking work of Jesuits for the student to groom them. Apart from regular courses like Automobile repairs, Sales and Marketing, Hotel management, electricals, Nursing Asst, etc we also teach them leadership, values and other life coping skills to make them more and more FIT FOR LIFE AND FIT FOR JOB. We also conduct extra life related courses like AIDS awareness, Legal awareness, TB awareness, human trafficking programs. We have a beautiful campus with large play ground, shady place for assembly and friendly atmosphere. Asha Deep has capacity to give skill development (technical) training for about 200 students in a batch. It has also the hostel capacity for 200 students.

Occasionally other NGOs conduct various programs like trafficking, youth program, computer classes, seminar, etc. Some even find this place conducive to enjoy a day out or a picnic.

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