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ASHA DEEP COMMUNITY COLLEGE IS AN UNDERTAKING OF PATNA JESUIT SOCIETY. Regd: 1930.     Registration / Admission is opened. trades available, Nursing aid (GDA), CRM / Hospitality, Electrical and Dr



An Assistant Beautician in the Beauty and Wellness Sector is a critical operational job-role providing various types of beauty services in salons and spas.
Assistant Beautician is expected to perform basic epilation, manicure, pedicure and basic face care services and also assist the beautician in providing advanced services. The person also assists in salon ambiance maintenance and also does various other odd jobs in the salon including sell salon retail products after obtaining knowledge on them.

Module Details:

  1. 1. Prepare and maintain work area
  2. 2. Provide basic skin care treatment
  3. 3. Carry out basic epilation services
  4. 4. Provide manicure and pedicure services
  5. 5. Assist the beautician performing beauty services
  6. 6.Maintain health and safety at the workplace
  7. 7. Create a positive impression at the workplace

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